Noise absorber room acoustics

Does your house reverberate and does it quickly become noisy when several people are talking? Do you want to improve the acoustics?

Our acoustic panels absorb up to 100% of the sound and reduce the reverberation in the rooms and offer you versatile solutions. The panels can be used individually or combined to form an acoustic wall.

This improves the intelligibility of conversations and improves the acoustics in your rooms. The improved room acoustics increase the general quality of life and have a positive effect on your mood and overall Health.

Room acoustics in damp rooms

Room acoustics can also be improved in damp rooms. Our acoustic material is moisture-resistant and does not harbour moulds. You can even wash them with high pressure at the carwash.

Mobile soundproofing and room acoustics

We recommend mobile schallschutz and room acoustics. Within 5 minutes you can turn any room into a home office with good acoustics. More peace, more intelligibility and better conversations without having an optical disturbance effect.

Room acoustics and kids

Room acoustics and children are two themes that go well together. During play, noise is often generated, which may disturb you, but is also not ideal for the children. By improving the room acoustics, it will not become silent, but it will become quieter. It creates a quieter space where the children can play more comfortably. 

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