Silent24 picture with desired motif

Your favourite picture with better room acoustics.

The room becomes:

  • Quieter
  • More individual
  • Acoustically better

We use high-tech-cover material is printed with a very high print resolution of min. 300 dpi and up to 1440 dpi.

You get:

  • 1 acoustic picture (1x cover with desired motif + foam)
  • Trilogy: 3 acoustic pictures (3x cover with desired motif + foam)
Suspension material 
Colour of your choice 
367,90 €
incl. 20% VAT , plus shipping costs (Versandkosten auf Anfrage)
  • This item is currently not available. We are not sure whether and when this item will be available again.

Your desired motif simply as sound insulation

The room shines in new splendour

Silent pictures bring the new sound insulation into the company or home

Silent picture with desired motif 120cm 80cm x 5,5cm - 0,96m² - 1 suspension set (2 rope suspensions)

Silent picture with desired motif Trilogy 120cm 80cm x 5,5cm - 2,88m² - -