Silent24 Pixel Art Set

Silent Pixels acoustic panels are designed for free creation of their own pixel art ideas.

You have the option with thousands of sound absorber pixels, 80s video game art or simply implement your own ideas. The pixels are cut out of the high-quality acoustic panel to fit exactly and can thus be positioned freely.

Silent pixel art serves to improve your room acoustics and increases their well-being, your ideas now become reality ...

The acoustic panel absorbs 100% (αw, 50mm foam) of sound waves and reflects hardly anything back into the room.

You get: 2 pieces (1x white & 1x black)

Silen Pixel acoustic panels

Silent Pixels acoustic panels is the easiest mountable solution for noise and are designed for free creation of their own pixel art ideas.

Pixel for your health

Pixel for your health. It´s been proven that to much noise over a period of time has a very bad effect on your health. The silent pixel will absorb a lot of sound and will bring the noise levels down.

Design your self

Design your acoustic absorber yourself. It could be game designs, signs, logos or whatever your creativ mind can come up with. And if you want to change this design, sit down, relx and start designing.

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