Silent24 Acoustic panel set

Acoustic panel set for companies

Acoustic panel set for companies are useful in a lot of ways. It could be indoor or outdoor, in office or production. It will lead to a quieter working space and a better work climate for your people.

Acoustic Panel for Home

You can use acoustic panels at home in a range of ways. For example in your basement to silence your HVAC installations or in rooms to make it quieter.

Acoustic panel set in sports

Acoustic panel set in sport areas are a way to make the sport experience more pleasurable. We know that team sport can get loud. With the right amount of panels, you won´t bother the neighbours anymore.

Improve the room acoustics and well-being with our acoustic panels.

The unique acoustic panels absorb 100% (sound absorption coefficient αw, 50mm foam) of sound waves and reflect nothing back into the room.

1 set contains, no matter what size, a minimum total area of: 20.16m².

1.799,90 €
incl. 20% VAT , plus shipping costs (Versandkosten auf Anfrage)
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