Silent24 Silhouette Art

Beautify the room with timeless silent silhouette art and in addition improve the room acoustics, that is our product line Silent Silhouette.

Now it is possible with the Silent24 Silhouette products to make almost any favorite design for their wishes, and thus in the double sense to do something good for eyes and ears.

Contact us directly for your individual solution, we are eager to hear your suggestions.

You will receive: 2 pieces (1x white & 1x black)
Total area: 1.92m², 2.88m², 5.76m² or multiples.

Silent Silhouette at home

Do you like old school silhouette art? You can now own this at home while improving your acoustics and quality of life. Design your silhouette yourself and enjoy better room acoustics.

Silhouette in sports

Noise and sports go hand in hand. We can improve the acoustics and make the sport experience more enjoyable for the athletes and the spectators. There will still be noise, but it will be more enjoyable.

Silhouette in your studio

Silhouette in your studio will improve optics and acoustics. Most absorbers are very dull. We can help you to improve your acoustic without destroying the optics and keep the room enjoyable.

399,00 €
incl. 20% VAT , plus shipping costs (Versandkosten auf Anfrage)
  • This item is currently not available. We are not sure whether and when this item will be available again.