On the trail of sound, a story from the sound hunt

Silent Quo GmbH
2022-05-16 15:16:00
On the trail of sound, a story from the sound hunt - Kevin on the hunt for sound

I'm Kevin Dollack and I work in sales at Silent Quo GmbH.

Because the noise in the company's working hall was terrible, a customer contacted me today. Even when I was there and spoke to him, it was ringing in my ears so much that I wanted to get to the bottom of the cause. I am one of the few companies that can make the sound visible as a video or image.

So I laid in wait with my measuring device and struck to visualise the sound.

During the measurement, I clearly recognise a hotspot on the left side of the hall, where the sound is concentrated. As you can see in the picture above, there are many reflections in the room due to the hard surfaces, a noise contamination is taking place.

The customer where I did the sound measurement was quite astonished because he heard the noise of the work in the whole hall. Due to the reflections, the sound is perceived everywhere. With every measurement, the amazed faces of the customers are a confirmation that they have never seen sound as a picture or video.

Working with the Seven Bel Sound Scanner amazes me every time. It not only finds the source of the noise, but also shows me in which area the noise is too loud! 

No matter if halls, workplaces or industrial plants, there are no limits for my Sound Scanner P132. Okay honestly, in the outdoor area in rain or hail, even here the device is defeated.

Of course I also presented my customer with a solution. We find and solve.

But where is it usually too loud? Right at work!

What do you say? Just write me an email or a short message if the noise is not to be found.

vertrieb@silent24.at, 0670/6020644

Measure, Detect, Solve