HVAC noise protection for a green * data centre

Silent Quo GmbH
2021-08-24 12:06:00
HVAC noise protection for a green * data centre - HVAC noise protection for a green data centre

Data centre and office buildings in Germany - 3 different HVAC noise control solutions.

We had a request in 2019 for three existing HVAC units to meet legal noise requirements near a residential area in Nuremberg.

1. office building: save existing 12 piece Daikin HVAC outdoor and indoor units from being scrapped and save the client money and remodelling work in the office space.

2. data centre remove exhaust bonnets from Kyoto Cooling cells and design and build new flow-optimised noise bonnets.

3. develop and install completely new supply air bonnets with noise protection for the Kyoto Cooling cells.

The extensive project, for which there was no standard solution, was a great challenge for a start-up like us. After months of engineering, prototype planning and purchasing, we were finally able to tackle this project in summer 2019. The project started with the office building and the 12 Daikin VRF units and was completed positively in 2019.The client had a compliant solution in the office space without interruption and Schumtz and saved high investment costs.

During the development for the data centre, many flow simulations were carried out to calculate the optimal air flows and enable the best possible design with the lowest possible pressure loss for the customer.
The data centre was then completed in spring to autumn 2020 with exhaust air and then supply air hoods.

Noise protection bonnets took a lot out of us. Of course, there were many additional challenges to overcome on the construction site, but in the end we were able to bring this project to a successful conclusion with a lot of dedication and cooperation between the client, the suppliers and ourselves.

Through the extensive project, we were able to develop very many new and, above all, optimal solutions for the client.

All our clients now benefit from the experience of such complex problem solving and we have shown with this project that we can also handle large-scale projects in a positive way.

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