Ebscon 2021 in Graz / Use of Smart Technologies

Silent Quo GmbH
2021-11-23 15:20:00
Ebscon 2021 in Graz / Use of Smart Technologies - Silent Quo GmbH was at Ebscon 2021

A very successful conference with a great keynote, many nice panel discussions and a great exhibition to which we as Silent Quo GmbH could contribute. The back walls of the exhibition stand are entirely designed with Silent Pics. This means that they were made of acoustic foam and a cover with 720 dpi image and text printing.

EBSCON presented the domestic high-tech industry in a fresh and friendly guise. High-ranking entrepreneurs from the Silicon Alps region entered into an interactive dialogue with experts from cutting-edge research and the professional audience for a green and secure future. Silent Quo GmbH presented itself, along with 26 other companies, at the elaborately designed exhibition! 

The organiser Silicon Alps Cluster was also satisfied. "We are thoroughly happy with the success of EBSCON". Over 450 guests attended, of which we were able to welcome almost 250 on site. Especially that we reached representatives from 22 nations due to the English orientation.

And as a highlight at the end, every exhibitor was able to take their acoustic picture with them, so a large part of the stand will be reused. In this way, we not only delivered an acoustic improvement, but also contributed to a more environmentally friendly exhibition.