Acoustic pinboard

Acoustic pinboard in your office

Acoustic pinboard in your office to make it quieter and better organised. If you put it between 2 desks, you will profit from both sides of the pinboard.

Better acoustics at home

Better acoustics at home are very important. It will give you more piece and quiet, and you have a good place to store your reminders.

Acoustic Pinboard in childrens rooms

An acoustic pinboard in childrens rooms is a great asset. It gives them better room acoustics and they can put up posters and photos themselves.

A pinboard and at the same time improve the acoustics of the room? We have made this possible with the with Silent pinboard collection.

Our pinboard is super light and easy to install. In addition to the pin function, the pinboard also absorbs 100% (sound absorption coefficient αw, 50mm foam) of the sound waves and thus ensures better room acoustics. A low reverberation in the room, improves your mood and has a positive effect on your well-being.

Take a look at our silhouettes category and contact us if you want to embellish your bulletin board with a personal design.

You get: 1 piece (1x white or black)

89,95 €
incl. 20% VAT , plus shipping costs
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