Sound insulation bonnet M

Whether it's your heat pump, air conditioner, pool pump, compressor, HVAC system, recirculating chiller, VRF VRV, chiller, we have the right solution for you. Sound insulation bonnets for these systems are our speciality.

If our standard solutions are not right for you, we can always make a custom solution.

Our sound insulation bonnets are suitable for all common brands and can be retrofitted without a specialist.

Sound insulation important?

Is sound insulation important? Yes it is very important because modern society is getting louder and louder. These bonnets help to absorb a part of this noise.

Sound insulation bonnet at home

Sound insulation bonnet at home will improve sound level, quality of live and will make your life at home nicer.

Need a bigger one?

Need a bigger one? We can produce these sound insulation bonnet as big as you need them. Get in touvh with us and we will create a solution for you.

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